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* All classes are one-on-one to ensure each participant can maximize their investment in an intimate learning environment. 

4 Day Nail Bootcamp Course:
4 Hours (each day)
*Deposit: $500
*Total Investment: $1500

2 Day Nail Refresher Course: Sunday-Monday
4 Hours (each day)
*Deposit: $250*
Total Investment: $750

1 Day Nail Refresher Course: Sunday or Monday
5 Hours Total
*Deposit: $250
*Total Investment: $500

Hourly Classes
Flexible Scheduling
ALL Skill Levels
$50 per hour
*2 hour minimum



Nail Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is designed for those who are new to nail artistry.
Very Beginner Friendly.

When taking this course you will receive extensive one-on-one training on the key factors of nails.

This Bootcamp can be very beneficial to help build a strong foundation in creating your own technique. 

Day 1: Sanitation/Prep
Day 2: Acrylic Application 
Day 3: Shaping
Day 4: Basic Designs 

Refresher Nail Course

This course is ideal for those who actively practice nails prior to taking the course. 
Intermediate/ Advance learners will benefit from this course. 
With extensive one-on-one guidance in your weakest areas each participants course will be tailored to their exact needs allowing them to strengthen their technique. 

Refresher Courses are available in 1 or 2 day increments. 

This course is ideal for those who need or would like to work at their own pace.
For every hour purchased we will focus on one particular skill/ task.
You may purchase as many hours as you'd like and redeem them at your own pace. This provides schedule flexibility. 
For all skill levels. 

Hourly Nail Course

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